“I started losing my hair around the age of 20.  I saw the receding hairline a little bit, which kind of made me nervous because in high school I had a big afro.  During that time of balding, you get out of your shower, you dry your hair, and sometimes you’d slick it back just to look funny.  And that’s when I really started to notice, oh wow, this is really taking on a different form of balding.  So at this point the insecurity is starting to rise, because now I need to play this game... I need to style my hair well, but I also need to start hiding my young baldness.  

I had some buddies in high school and college that were taking different types of hair stimulants. For me it was never a path that I really wanted to walk down. For me, it was more so, 'this is what I have, and I’m going to embrace it.'  But I also want to embrace it in a way that I can be tricky with a comb without having to take any type of medication for it.  Being able to see the before picture and the after picture and going, that’s me.  I recognize the before, but I definitely didn’t recognize the after.  Growing up, you see these things on TV like hair in a can or rolling it on, or whatever, and I wasn’t sold on what was going on.  But with this product, with seeing myself on the screen and saying, that’s the before, and that’s the after… This stuff works.”